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1. What is your budget?

I try to start with defining what the accommodation budget should be. I find that it gives me a stable ground from where I can continue my research.

2. Stay flexible with dates like for airfare booking.

I was going back and forth few times trying to decide whether I should put this as a second point. The reason why I did is that for me determining your budget would be the number one guideline that will determine the type of accommodation. It can also expand or restrict your date range.

3. Get familiar with your options.

Now that you have two factors that will shape your initial search results. See what is offered. You should mainly look at types of accommodation, proximity to places you are interested in, e.g. downtown.  

4. Minimizing commute as much as possible

If you have certain flexibility with the accommodation, I would highly recommend to save time on commute and spend it exploring and enjoying the local experiences.

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5. Earn points and miles on whatever purchase you are making.

Whether you are booking a hostel, hostel or bed and breakfast, make sure you are lucrative! Stay on top of your rewards points game could reward you really well with free future stays. There are so many reward programs, make sure you join at least 3 TODAY! Yes! It is never too late to start.

6. AirBNB has become a norm.

Airbnb is picking up speed fast and becoming one of the favorite choices for accommodation. Especially if on a budget or with a family. It is an excellent option because usually, you have kitchen included which can save you some money on food too if you decide to eat at home.

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